5 Questions With Country Pop Artist Greg Rider

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With music influenced by the likes of Sam Hunt, Kane Brown, and Tim McGraw, Greg Rider first set his sights on starting his musical journey in Montreal, busking on busy street corners, and playing the city’s vibrant bar scene. From there, he took flight to the Cayman Islands, balancing time [...]

5 Questions With Singer-Songwriter Producer SH3

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Toronto native SH3, is a singer, songwriter, and producer specializing in popular music including R&B, hip hop, EDM, singer/songwriter, rock, and many more. Upon receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts Music degree from York University, she began writing professionally in Toronto’s thriving hip hop music scene including artists affiliated with [...]

5 Questions With Multi-award winning Indigenous folk artists Twin Flames

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Multi-award winning, chart-topping Indigenous folk artists Twin Flames combines the talents of husband and wife duo Chelsey June, métis (Algonquin Cree) from Ottawa, and Jaaji, Inuk and Mohawk from Nunavik. Twin Flames are long celebrated for their sonic landscapes spanning Canada and the Arctic, and honouring their ancestors through song [...]

5 Questions With Country Singer-Songwriter Alexis Taylor

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Country singer and songwriter Alexis Taylor was raised in the small town of Huntsville, Ontario. From a young age, she showed great love and passion for music through her songwriting and acoustic guitar playing. After making her very first trip to Nashville, Tennessee, Alexis decided to make the move to [...]

5 Questions With Jazz Pop Vocalist and Songwriter Carol Welsman

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Internationally acclaimed vocalist/pianist Carol Welsman is a 6-time Juno Award Nominee with 12 albums and 60,000 in CD sales in Canada alone, something few jazz/pop artists in Canada have experienced. Her latest album, This is Carol - Jazz Beauties has received rave reviews since its release in Japan and was [...]

5 Questions With Finny McConnell of Irish Punk Band The Mahones

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From an Irish pub to an Academy Award-winning movie: The Mahones have come a long way in 30 years. Heralded as pioneers of the Irish punk scene, and internationally recognized as one of the best and hardest working punk outfits around, The Mahones formed on St. Patrick's Day in 1990, [...]

5 Questions with Oliver and Danka Pigott aka LambLion

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Oliver and Danka Pigott LAMBLION has been honing their sound since 2019, an enigmatic mix of indie-folk and Americana with indie rock undertones. Drawing from early lives spent in Portugal and Serbia, their music weaves divine lyrical abstraction into otherworldly harmony and melody, the extreme vocal highs and lows often [...]

5 Questions with Juno Award-Winning Pianist/Composer Andy Milne

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For over 25 years, Juno Award-winning pianist/composer Andy Milne has demonstrated boundless versatility, collaborating with dancers, visual artists, poets, and musicians spanning jazz, classical, pop, folk, and world music. A distinct and respected voice at the heart of New York’s creative jazz scene, Milne has recorded and toured throughout the [...]

5 Questions with Canadian Singer-Songwriter Lily Frost

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Lily Frost is a Canadian singer/songwriter. She was the cocktail lounge darling in Vancouver in the '90s with her band The Colorifics. She signed solo to Nettwerk Records in 2001 then moved to Toronto to become one of the highest placed artists in T.V. and Film. Her theme song for [...]

5 Questions With Actor & Blues Artist Carolyn Fe

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Carolyn Fe  is a true artist: curious, adaptable, an outlier, a free-spirited visionary who questions accepted standards and pushes against established rules to bravely navigate the daunting corridors of her soul, reinventing herself and redefining her craft. She is an innovator who has always expressed herself through the performing arts, [...]

5 Questions With Acclaimed Singer Songwriter Marc Jordan

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Marc Jordan was born in Brooklyn NY son of singer Charles Jordan and grew up in Toronto Canada. In 1978 Marc was signed to Warner Music in Burbank California by Steely Dan producer Gary Katz. Jordan spent 16 years in LA writing songs for and with Diana Ross, Chicago, Kansas, [...]

5 Questions With Pop Singer Songwriter Kendal Thompson

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Kendal Thompson is a singer and songwriter born in Alliston, Ontario, Canada. She began singing at the age of three making up songs as she went along. In her early teens, Kendal was shown a new light, being almost solely inspired by Lauryn Hill, began her journey of musical expression. [...]

5 Questions With Juno & Maple Blues Award Winner Steve Hill

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5 Questions With Canadian Idol Winner Theo Tams

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Canadian singer/songwriter and pianist Theo Tams’ new video “The Last Song” shows the Canadian Idol winner as a character chameleon of sorts, all in the name of self-love and care. “The Last Song” is also the ‘last song’ on Tams’ third and most recent album release, 2018’s Call The Doctor. Reflective [...]

5 Questions With Canada’s Punk Rock Queen Bif Naked

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Bif Naked is a celebrated and notorious performer in music, TV, film, and dance, and a tireless advocate and Humanitarian. Orphaned in India, emancipated by punk rock, and empowered by surviving breast cancer, kidney failure, heart surgery, divorce, and surviving as a Woman in The Entertainment Industry for twenty-five years, [...]

5 Questions With UK Music Producer Chris Birkett

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5 Questions With UK Music Producer Chris Birkett Chris Birkett is a multi-talented, award-winning producer, singer/songwriter, composer, and sound engineer. His music collaborations with A-list artists like Sinead O’Connor, Alison Moyet, Dexys Midnight Runners, Talking Heads, The Pogues, Bob Geldof, Quincy Jones, Mel Brooks, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and Steve Earle have [...]

5 Questions With Canadian Music Hall of Famer Andy Kim

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5 Questions With Canadian Music Hall of Famer Andy Kim JUNO Award winner, Andy Kim got his start working at the iconic Brill Building in New York at a young age, where he went on to craft major hits including “Baby I Love You,” and “Sugar, Sugar.” Years later in [...]

5 Questions With … Country Turned Blues Artist Crystal Shawanda

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Evoking the spirit and grit of Janis Joplin and the contemporary delivery of Beth Hart, Church House Blues showcases one of the most powerful new female voices in the Blues. Crystal Shawanda is an Indigenous musician, who grew up on the Wikwemikong reserve on an island in Ontario, Canada. Her [...]

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