What does this Pat Benatar tour program have to do with my WHY?

In high school, all the career counselor could come up with for us less than straight “A” females was secretary. Out of frustration and my passion for arts and entertainment, I picked up my Pat Benatar tour program, flipped to the credits, and picked photographer as my career path.

Never having touched a camera other than a polaroid, I had some learning to do, but all of a sudden with photography, journalism, and publishing I started to get good grades. Except that the same counselor told me that I would never get the grades in chemistry, physics, and algebra that the only photography college required so I should pick another career.

After a year off proving him wrong, I attended and graduated from the 2-year professional photography diploma program, which also came with a soul-crushing creativity killer instructor. It was a very challenging time but it made me a stronger person.

Anyways, it wasn’t really that I wanted to be a photographer, it was my way of getting to be a part of the entertainment industry. Makeup artistry and journalism followed as other ways I tried to be a part of it.

Those experiences and 16 years as an entertainment publicist all make me unique as a Creativity and Marketing Coach for Artists, Musicians, and Actors.

I love making a difference in performing artists’ lives so that they can inspire others to ignore those trying to crush their spirit and to follow their passions.

Do you remember the moment when you decided on a career path? What challenges and/or spirit/creativity killers did you face along the way? Tell me in the comments of this post on Instagram or Facebook.