5 Questions With Canadian Music Hall of Famer Andy Kim

JUNO Award winner, Andy Kim got his start working at the iconic Brill Building in New York at a young age, where he went on to craft major hits including “Baby I Love You,” and “Sugar, Sugar.” Years later in 1974, he released the #1 hit song “Rock Me Gently.” Kim’s musical longevity was cemented with the release of his 2015 album, It’s Decided. In 2018, he was inducted into Canada’s Walk of Fame and in 2019 the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

  1. What passion project are you working on these days?

My passion project has always been writing songs, making the best recording of that song & hoping someone likes it enough to hear me perform live.

  1. What first inspired you to become a musician? What was your training?

I think I just basically wanted to run away from home & join the circus. The circus is where all the misfits lived & loved

  1. What are some challenges that you have faced while building a career in the arts and how did you overcome them?

My first challenge was to have someone take me seriously. My next challenge was to figure out how to make someone take me seriously. I overcame those challenges by understanding that my dreams, my inspirations, visions were only mine & mine alone. If I was lucky enough to inspire then I overcame.

  1. What lessons have you learned that has proven the most valuable?

No one knows anything

  1. What is your WHY? (why do you do what you do?)

I have no other known skills