One World. One Song. Your Voice.

In the first phase of the newly developed We Are 1 World Project, renowned recording artist Jason McCoy announces the release of ‘We Are One’, a powerful message of hope, recorded by world-renowned musicians and singers in isolation from across the world. The COVID-19 virus started with one person and has spread to all parts of the globe, affecting the health and well-being of the entire planet, and “We Are One”, is a song of unity, to celebrate the power of one, together in isolation.

The We Are 1 World Project is the brainchild of Jason McCoy, songwriter and lead singer of award-winning band The Road Hammers and Jim Payetta, part-time songwriter and businessman who is one of the owners of an OHL Hockey team, The Barrie Colts. The first version of the song ‘We Are One’ is being released from Jason McCoy and Friends.

“It’s amazing how the thing that is keeping us apart, is in some ways, actually bringing us closer together. My friend Jim and I wrote ‘We Are One’ to help raise much-needed funds for the Covid 19 relief effort.  The first guest we called was the Harlem Gospel Choir, who recorded their parts in isolation from the American Epicentre of the outbreak in New York, I then reached out to some musician friends from around the world to submit their parts, and the support we got was overwhelming. Now we’re sending the song out into the world, for free, and asking people to put THEIR voice on it. I can’t wait to see where this goes,” said Jason McCoy.

“By asking people around the world to download the tracks at our website, then make the song their own, we’re hoping to highlight the fact, that although we may be in different parts of the world, we are all connected on this planet, and we are truly One,” he added.

With all proceeds from the song going towards The Red Cross COVID-19 Relief Effort, including International Red Cross and Global Citizen, “We Are One” aims to create awareness, hope, joy, and raise much-needed funds and demonstrate The Power of One. From Canada, Sweden, Greece, Australia to across the USA, world-renowned musicians lent their time and talent, proving that music is the universal language.

Musicians and singers around the world are encouraged to visit the official We Are 1 World website to watch the video, learn the song, then download the lyrics and one of three versions of the backing tracks for free. Once they have performed and recorded their own version of the song, even if they record it on their phones, they will release their own version by uploading to YouTube and sharing on their own social platforms using the hashtag #weare1worldsong. The goal of the initiative is to have as many different versions, in as many languages as possible, shared around the world.

“Whether you are a hobby artist, or you are an established well-known artist that will arrange and record your own version in your home studio, or if you just like to sing in the shower, we want to see as many different versions of the song as possible. If ever there was an event that shows us we are all connected, that we all share this one planet, this is it. What better way to use the power of music,” said Jim Payetta.

Listen to ‘We Are One’ at or on the YouTube channel, @weare1world.

A special thanks to those who participated in the initial version:

Jason McCoy – Vocals – Canada

Harlem Gospel Choir – Vocals – New York, USA

Ed Robertson – Vocals, Bare Naked Ladies – Toronto, Canada

Tim Hicks – Vocals, Recording Artist – Canada

Greg Morrow – Drums. Amy Grant/Session – Nashville, USA

Rob McNeely – Guitar Session – Nashville, USA

Deric Ruttan – Vocals, Artist/Writer – Nashville, USA

Gordie Johnson – Guitar, Big Sugar – Texas, USA

Darren Savard – Guitar Session – British Columbia

Pavlo Simtikidis – Guitar Session – Toronto, Canada

Mark Goldenberg – Guitar, Jackson Brown – Los Angeles, USA

Kevin Young – Keys, Moist – Toronto, Canada

Hayley Jensen – Vocals, Australian Idol – Australia

Carolyn Dawn Johnson – Vocals, Artist/Session – Nashville, USA

Zoe Tiganouria – Keys, Artist/Session – Greece

Chris Byrne – Bass, The Road Hammers – Calgary, Canada

Jessica Falk – Piano, Artist/Session – Sweden

Scott Baggett – Production – Canada & USA

Beaumont Didier – Vocals – France

Clayton Bellamy – Vocals, The Road Hammers – Canada

Stephen Broadhurst – Drums, The Road Hammers – Canada

Russell Broom – Guitar, Producer – Canada

Dan Davidson – Vocals – Canada

Adam Harvey – Vocals – Australia

Hunter Brothers – Vocals – Canada

David Kalmusky – Vocals – Canada & USA

Matty McKay – Guitar – Canada

Mr.Jay – European Union Band – Europe

Aaron Prichett – Vocals – Canada

Raghav – Vocals – India

SaltbushSix – Vocals – Australia

Darren Savard – Guitar, Dallas Smith/Session – Canada

Tara Slone – Vocals – Canada

Donations can be made to the Red Cross Covid 19 Relief Effort via

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