5 Questions with Canadian Singer-Songwriter Lily Frost

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Lily Frost is a Canadian singer/songwriter. She was the cocktail lounge darling in Vancouver in the '90s with her band The Colorifics. She signed solo to Nettwerk Records in 2001 then moved to Toronto to become one of the highest placed artists in T.V. and Film. Her theme song for [...]

Pandemic Pie Project w Multi-passionate Artist Bradley Harder

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My favourite story to come out of this pandemic is the Pandemic Pie Project by Bradley Harder. Bradley is a multi-passionate creative entrepreneur who has had careers in animation, fine art, film production, music, restaurants, bars, construction, and many more. During this pandemic, he started to bake pies for his [...]

5 Questions With Actor & Blues Artist Carolyn Fe

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Carolyn Fe  is a true artist: curious, adaptable, an outlier, a free-spirited visionary who questions accepted standards and pushes against established rules to bravely navigate the daunting corridors of her soul, reinventing herself and redefining her craft. She is an innovator who has always expressed herself through the performing arts, [...]

5 Questions With Acclaimed Singer Songwriter Marc Jordan

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Marc Jordan was born in Brooklyn NY son of singer Charles Jordan and grew up in Toronto Canada. In 1978 Marc was signed to Warner Music in Burbank California by Steely Dan producer Gary Katz. Jordan spent 16 years in LA writing songs for and with Diana Ross, Chicago, Kansas, [...]

Diane Foy on PR, Coaching & Podcasting Interviewed by #1 LGBT Podcast Rainbow Country’s Mark Tara

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Diane Foy on PR, Coaching & Podcasting Interviewed by #1 LGBT Podcast Rainbow Country's Mark Tara Today’s show is a bit of a twist. I was recently interviewed on Rainbow Country by the fabulous Mark Tara and I thought you might like to hear it and learn more about me. [...]